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The climax of the 1st Official Junior F1 Fanatic PS3 World Championship in Canada descended into chaos today as bugs and problems with the F1 2010 game caused confusion. Both jamiet19 and ed24f1, the two championship protagonists, claimed to have won the race after the results screen gave confusing results after the race.

It all started when ed24f1 seemed to get a bad start due to lag and appeared to drop to stone dead last. No-one was really aware of the order into turn 1 but the drivers were even more confused after. It appeared as though Brooksy007 and ryanmack09 came together down the straight and Brooksy007's car started bouncing around. This whole episode was believed to have been caused by lag again. [[Asanator] led into turn 1 with RoboCAT99 and bradley1314 side by side with the former on the inside. RoboCAT99 however appeared to be wiped out by the incident between Brooksy007 and ryanmack09 dropping him to near the back. Asanator, jamiet19 and Shyguy2008 avoided all the chaos at turn 1 and continued on while roberttty nearly moved into fourth however spun on the grass at the outside of turn 2. ryanmack09 spun on the inside and bradley1314 failed to avoid both, just clipping roberttty's car as he moved into fourth. At this point ed24f1's screen claimed he was fourth but everyone else had him as at the back.

From there the race became a faultless carsh-fest as ryanmack09 and RoboCAT99 had the first few collisions. Brooksy007 then crashed and retired due to lag. A few laps later bradley1314 was caught out by an invisible wall at turn 4 and RoboCAT99 and roberttty would soon join the list of retirees.

That wasn't the end of the chaos however as more issues arised with the game causing confusion over who had actually won the race and indeed the championship. Due to this the race was re-scheduled for 2 weeks time.