The 1st F1F F1 PS3 Australian GP was a Formula One PS3 race held on 3 April 2011 at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne. It was the 1st race in the history of the championship.

The race, contested over 23 laps, was won by the fastest man of pre-season testing, olliekart, driving for McRenault, after starting from pole. Brooksy007 finished second in a Rosso Bull, and Force Lotuses ed24f1 completed the podium in third place.

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The Australian Grand Prix was the first race of the season and with high expectation on both the championship, and olliekart's shoulders after testing, neither disappointed. Probably the most notable action happened before the race when it was decided that due to lack of particpants in both championships, F1 and F2 wuld merge for this race. Points would still only be awarded on a series level though, regardless of where you finished.

It was also noted just before Qualifying that the Fercedes of Kakundoo was suspended for the race because the car had failed the final crash test after revised parts failed. Kakundoo said "Im absolutely gutted. I knew that with these parts i would be disadvantaged but to be suspended because of safety reasons is very aggravating. I was hoping to get a good start to the season but obviously it wasn't meant to be."


The on-track action was just as exciting as the off as the cars revved their engines for the first time, signalling the start of qualifying, and the season.

Olliekart's McRenault stole the show on Saturday, getting pole position by a full second from Brooksy007's Rosso Bull. bradley1314 was not able to match the pace of his quick team mate. Despite gaining provisional pole at the start of the session, he was unable to improve on his time and started down in 5th.

“Quali wasn't too bad. I went out asap on the options and took provisional pole. I had many clean laps, but kept fluffing them up. Then on my final lap, I lost it around turn 4 and broke my front wing,”

Force Lotus were possibly the most consistent team, with ed24f1 taking 3rd place with a 1:26.942, with his team mate RoboCAT99 locking out the 2nd row just two tenths slower.

j3z_h didn't do too well in the remaining Fercedes, qualifying at the back of the grid, a full 2 seconds off of the pace set by Olliekart.

The stage is definitely set for the first race of the season in Melbourne, and with the pace set by Olliekart, it would be mad to bet against him. But a lot can happen at this unique track, and I wouldn't mind betting that we are in for a special race come Sunday morning.


The grand prix was a stunner with action happening right through the field, although the rain may have helped that. There was only the one noticeable incident between F1 Driver RoboCAT99 and F2 Driver Tamburen with the rest of the race being fun and clean fought. Olliekart won for McRenault to set up an exciting championship. ryanmack09 from F2 put in a masterful display and made a great tyre choice to win the F2 race and finish 3rd overall.

Post RaceEdit

The RoboCAT99 and Tamburen incident was investigated after the race but because Tamburen retired he was handed a Qualifying ban for the next race.



Pos No Driver Team Time Grid
1 2 olliekart McRenault 1:25.580 1
2 7 Brooksy007 Rosso Bull 1:26.556 2
3 3 ed24f1 Force Lotus 1:26.942 3
4 10 RoboCAT99 Force Lotus 1:27.189 4
5 0 bradley1314 McRenault 1:27.310 5
6 4 j3z_h Fercedes 1:27.517 6


Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 2 olliekart McRenault 23 39m:41.6s 1 25
2 7 Brooksy007 Rosso Bull 23 +27.1 2 18
3 3 ed24f1 Force Lotus 23 +70.7 3 15
4 0 bradley1314 McRenault 23 +84.5 5 12
5 4 j3z_h Fercedes 22 + 1 Lap 6 10
6 10 RoboCAT99 Force Lotus 22 + 1 Lap 4 8

Note: Italics indicate fastest lap, Underline denotes Driver of the Day.

Standings after the raceEdit

Driver's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 olliekart 25
2 Brooksy007 18
3 ed24f1 15
4 bradley1314 12
5 j3z_h 10

Team's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 McRenault 37
2 Force Lotus 23
3 Rosso Bull 18
4 Fercedes 10
5 Saubiams 0

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