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The 1st F1F F1 PS3 Bahrain GP was a Formula One PS3 race held on 7th August 2011. It was the 7th round of the 1st F1F Formula One 2011 PS3 World Championship. The race was held at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir.

The race, contested over 20 laps, was dominated by McRenault's olliekart, who took the win by 50 seconds. jamiet19 took second for Rosso Bull and Force Lotuses ed24f1 completed the podium in third place from last on the grid.

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Aftera dangerous display in Qualifying for the Korean GP ed24f1 was given a Qualifying ban for this race.


Qualifying started wet and drivers again had to choose between inters and wets. olliekart took provisonal pole in the wet from Brooksy007. Towards the end of the session it dried up however and Kakundoo, Shyguy2008 and bradley1314 went for it on slick tyres. Kakundoo had a decent lap and took pole with Shyguy2008 4 tenths back. bradley1314 encountered RoboCAT99 facing the wrong way on his one and only quick lap and spun later on as well, thus ruining his lap and ending up 7th.


As the race started Kakundoo got away well with Shyguy2008 stalling slightly as olliekart slipped up the inside. bradley1314 and ed24f1 got great starts from 7th and 9th on the grid. bradley1314 fought his way up the inside of turn 1, coming together with Shyguy2008. Out of turn 1 Kakundoo led from olliekart, bradley1314, Shyguy2008 and ed24f1. olliekart was allegedly tapped by jamiet19 at turn 1 but as the former lost no positions, no action was taken. jamiet19 then went off at turn 2 and a suspect is still being looked for. Every car managed to get through until turn 14 where ed24f1 clattered into the back of bradley1314. Both cars went off and both lost 2 places but ed24f1 let bradley1314 get back ahead. All was well as the car's entered the hairpin but only Kakundoo and olliekart got out without incident. Brooksy007 and an unknown driver who were running 3rd and 4th collided out of the turn 17 hairpin. Brooksy007 spun and when bradley1314 arrived he had nowhere to go. bradley1314 and Brooksy007 touched breaking both fornt wings. ed24f1 got spun around and when the others arrived chaos kicked off as everyone spun and crashed. f199player turned ed24f1 around at the turn 18/19 double left and dully apologised. (More to come). Kakundoo spun at the end of the lap and olliekart took an easy lead and eventual win. jamiet19 pulled out of the carnage in 3rd with Shyguy2008 in 4th. Brooksy007 and ed24f1 got away in 5th and 6th and fought for several laps before ed24f1 eventually got past when Kakundoo spun in front of them and Brooksy007 went off the circuit. f199player overtook bradley1314 for 7th as RoboCAT99 dropped out of the race. olliekart remained untroubled upfront but Kakundoo gradually fell down the field, finishing 7th. This left jamiet19 to take second and ed24f1 jumped Shyguy2008 in the pits to take 3rd. f199player finished 5th with Brooksy007 in 6th. Kakundoo span a few times counting up until the last two laps, allowing bradley1314 to catch him. Entering turn 1 on the penultimate lap bradley1314 defended the inside line but spun as he clipped the kerb on the inside. Kakundoo also spun as he clipped the outside kerb. bradley1314 got away ahead and the two drivers had a great battle for the last two laps. on the penultimaye corner of the race bradley1314 got a poor exit whereas Kakundoo got a great one. bradley1314 felt he had accidently clipped Kakundoo into the final corner because they both spun again and so let him by as they crossed the line.

Post Race[]

To Be Confirmed.



Pos No Driver Team Time Grid
1 5 Kakundoo Fercedes 1:54.450 1
2 9 Shyguy2008 Saubiams 1:54.874 2
3 2 olliekart McRenault 1:56.179 3
4 7 Brooksy007 Rosso Bull 1:56.747 4
5 6 f199player Saubiams 1:57.079 5
6 8 jamiet19 Rosso Bull 2:00.354 6
7 0 bradley1314 McRenault 2:02.322 7
8 10 RoboCAT99 Force Lotus 2:03.010 8
Ban* 3 ed24f1 Force Lotus No Time 9
  • ed24f1 had a qualifying ban.


Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 2 olliekart McRenault 20 38:38.373 3 25
2 8 jamiet19 Rosso Bull 20 +49.2 6 18
3 3 ed24f1 Force Lotus 20 +54.2 9 15
4 9 Shyguy2008 Saubiams 20 +67.0 2 12
5 6 f199player Saubiams 20 +77.0 5 10
6 7 Brooksy007 Rosso Bull 20 +142.9 4 8
7 5 Kakundoo Fercedes 19 +1 Lap 1 6
8 0 bradley1314 McRenault 19 +1 Lap 7 4
9 10 RoboCAT99 Force Lotus 2 Gave Up 8 0

Note: Italics indicate fastest lap, Underline denotes Driver of the Day.

Standings after the race[]

Driver's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 ed24f1 119
2 Brooksy007 101
3 olliekart 90
4 jamiet19 67
5 f199player 65

Team's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 Rosso Bull 183
2 McRenault 153
3 Force Lotus 121
4 Saubiams 103
5 Fercedes 86

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