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The 1st F1F F1 PS3 Korean GP was a Formula One PS3 race originally scheduled for 24th April 2011. See: Cancelled Korean GP. It was the 6th round of the 1st F1F Formula One 2011 PS3 World Championship. The race was finally held on 31st July 2011 at the Korean International Circuit in Yeongam.

The race, contested over 22 laps, was dominated by Rosso Bull's Brooksy007, who took pole, the win, fastest lap and driver of the day. Shyguy2008 took a shock second for Saubiams and Force Lotuses ed24f1 completed the podium in third place. McRenault's bradley1314 secured a career best 4th.

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There was a lot of confusion as the race was delayed many times, see: Cancelled Korean GP. olliekart also announced before the race he could not make it due to a family holiday and thus ryanmack09 took his seat at McRenault. Neither Fercedes car or driver turned up, it was later revealed they were held up at customs. Shyguy2008 returned to the Saubiams team in the Williams meaning f199player drove the Sauber. jamiet19 did not arrive for Rosso Bull.


It was wet for qualifying and there was a split choice in the pack between the Intermediate and Full Wet tyre. Shyguy2008 took provisional pole but that was soon snatched by Brooksy007. bradley1314 went out immediately on the full wets and set a time good enough for third. ed24f1 had a torrid session. First he enocutered other cars on laps and then picked up a puncture. He returned to the pits but missed the pitlane and was handed a 5-Place grid penalty for reversing around the track to the pitlane. Things didn't get better as he cut corners to make it back to the line to get another lap at the end of the session blocking numerous drivers along the way to the third fastest time, but last on the grid with the 5 Place penalty. f199player, RoboCAT99 and ryanmack09 all endured torrid sessions ending up 4th, 5th and 6th respectively with the latter two well off the pace.


A clean start saw all drivers survive turn 1, although not for long. ryanmack09's McLaren McRenault hit RoboCAT99's Force India Force Lotus and saw the former retire. Brooksy007 and Shyguy2008 tore away up front and were'nt seen for the rest of the race, although they did have a good battle. Brooksy007 encountered trouble on lap 19 when he hit RoboCAT99's Force Lotus but was only reprimanded. bradley1314, ed24f1, and f199player got through the wreckage to come out 3rd, 4th and 5th. While ed24f1 attempted an overtake on bradley1314 the two drivers touched and ed24f1 went off the circuit. At turn 1 on the next lap however bradley1314 ran wide allowing f199player through, so handed 4th back to ed24f1. From there the race calmed down, ed24f1 continued to finish 3rd, while f199player picked up two punctures to finish 5th. bradley1314 picking a different strategy to everyone else and started on the primes before swapping to the options on lap 15, this got him his career best finish in 4th, albeit with a stewards inquiery after the race for an incident while passing RoboCAT99 after his stop. bradley1314 was then able to pass f199player when the latter picked up his second puncture. RoboCAT99's race didnt get better because he retired with damage after an incident while being lapped by the race leader. He still claimed points however.

Post Race

ed24f1's Qualifying Antics - Next Race Qualifying Ban

This was looked into after the race and the stewards decided this was an extremely dangerous thing to do. While this occured in qualifying however they did not want to ruin ed's good race results and so he was handed a ban from the next qualifying session in Bahrain.

bradley1314 and ed24f1's Incident - No Action Taken

Because bradley1314 gave the place back, and it was seen that the cause of this incident was LAG, no action was taken.

bradley1314 and RoboCAT99's Incident - No Action Taken

This was also shown to be down to LAG. bradley1314 saw RoboCAT99 run wide and though he was letting him through as the former was on the quicker tyre. At RoboCAT99's end he felt a bump. Due to the LAG effect, no action was taken.

Brooksy007 and RoboCAT99's Incident - Reprimanded

While attempting to lap RoboCAT99, Brooksy007 made the overtake at a very tight corner. Although RoboCAT99 eventually retired he did not lose places or points. Brooksy007 accepted responsibilty and was only reprimanded.



Pos No Driver Team Time Grid
1 7 Brooksy007 Rosso Bull 1:41.077 1
2 9 Shyguy2008 Saubiams 1:41.270 2
3 3 ed24f1 Force Lotus 1:42.347 7*
4 0 bradley1314 McRenault 1:44.732 3
5 6 f199player Saubiams 1:46.172 4
6 10 RoboCAT99 Force Lotus 1:46.973 5
7 12 ryanmack09 McRenault 1:49.539 6
  • ed24f1 qualified 3rd but a 5 place penalty put him last.


Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 7 Brooksy007 Rosso Bull 22 37m:32.125s 1 25
2 9 Shyguy2008 Saubiams 22 +22.0 2 18
3 3 ed24f1 Force Lotus 22 +27.4 7 15
4 0 bradley1314 McRenault 21 + 1 Lap 3 12
5 6 f199player Saubiams 21 + 1 Lap 4 10
6 10 RoboCAT99 Force Lotus 18 + 4 Laps (Spun Off) 5 8
7 12 ryanmack09 McRenault 0 Spun Off 6 0

Note: Italics indicate fastest lap, Underline denotes Driver of the Day.

Standings after the race

Driver's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 ed24f1 104
2 Brooksy007 93
3 olliekart 65
4 bradley1314 59
5 f199player 55

Team's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 Rosso Bull 157
2 McRenault 124
3 Force Lotus 106
4 Saubiams 81
5 Fercedes 80

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