The 1st F1F F1 PS3 Monaco GP was a Formula One PS3 race held on 21st August 2011. It was the 8th round of the 1st F1F Formula One 2011 PS3 World Championship. The race was held at the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo.

The race, which was the most controversial in the sports history, was contested over 31 laps. There was a mass disconnection on lap 26 involving the top 3 cars. In the end j3z_h picked up his first win, after McRenault's Oli Peacock made a mistake on the last lap. Jamie Franklin picked up his first ever podium.

Monaco Table



Qualifying started dry but as usual, chaotic on Monaco. Bradley Downton was the first driver on a lap, and the first in the barriers on the exit of the swimming pool. Plenty of other drivers crashed throughtout the session but mainly after they'd set their quickest laps. John Brookfield took pole with a slim margin over Moussa Awada.


The race got underway and John Brookfield led into turn 1. Oli Peacock got taped and a pile-up was caused. Nic Morley and Bradley Downton got through the destruction but on the approach to the chicane Downton was hit from behind by Ed Greenhalgh, thus spinning him into the wall and breaking his front wing. Unlike usual, Ed drove off. Brookfield led comfortably as the race settled down. Throughout the race, Ashley Blakeley, Ben Moody, Nic Morley and Jamie Taylor all got caught out by the barriers. On lap 26 Brookfield led from Greenhalgh with Awada closing in fast on him. But suddenly they all dissapeared from the timing screen's of Peacock, Downton, Jezson and Jamie Franklin. The three drivers whom had dissapeared all has screen's come up claiming they were the only driver left. On track Peacock took the lead from the scrapping pair of Franklin and Jezson with Downton way back in fourth. On the last lap however Peacoc, took a photo of results and crashed, Jezson snatched the lead leaving Peacock with second and Franklin in third.

Post RaceEdit

The three drivers who had dissapeared called for a countback but after a check of the rules, Jezson was delcared the winner with Brookfield, Greenhalgh and Awada picking up points for 5th, 6th and 7th respectively having completed over 75% race distance.


Ben Moody's point of view, from the start, until he crashed:



Pos No Driver Team Time Grid
1 7 John Brookfield Rosso Bull 1:15.653 1
2 15 Moussa Awada Virspania 1:15.715 2
3 2 Oli Peacock McRenault 1:16.246 3
4 9 Ashley Blakeley Saubiams 1:17.077 4
5 3 Ed Greenhalgh Force Lotus 1:17.458 5
6 6 Ben Moody Saubiams 1:17.742 6
7 4 Jezson Fercedes 1;17.938 7
8 10 Nic Morley Force Lotus 1;17.985 8
9 8 Jamie Taylor Rosso Bull 1:19.872 9
10 5 Jamie Franklin Fercedes No Time 10
11 0 Bradley Downton McRenault No Time 11


Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 4 Jezson Fercedes 31 Unknown 7 25
2 2 Oli Peacock McRenault 31 Unknown 3 18
3 5 Jamie Franklin Fercedes 31 Unknown 10 15
4 0 Bradley Downton McRenault 31 Unknown 11 12
5 7 John Brookfield Rosso Bull 26 Disconnected 1 10
6 3 Ed Greenhalgh Force Lotus 26 Disconnected 5 8
7 15 Moussa Awada Virspania 26 Disconnected 2 6
8 8 Jamie Taylor Rosso Bull ?? Crashed 9 0
9 10 Nic Morley Force Lotus ?? Crashed 8 0
10 9 Ashley Blakeley Saubiams ?? Crashed 6 0
11 6 Ben Moody Saubiams 3 Crashed 4 0

Note: Italics indicate fastest lap, Underline denotes Driver of the Day.

Standings after the raceEdit

Driver's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 Ed Greenhalgh 131
2 John Brookfield 118
3 Oli Peacock 109
4 Bradley Downton 75
5 Jezson 69

Team's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 Rosso Bull 200
2 McRenault 186
3 Force Lotus 135
4 Fercedes 134
5 Saubiams 104

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