The 1st F1F F1 PS3 Singapore GP was the second Formula One PS3 race held on 21st August 2011. It was the 9th round of the 1st F1F Formula One 2011 PS3 World Championship. The race was held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Marina Bay.

The race, which followed the most controversial in the sports history (The Monaco Grand Prix), was also controversial. The same three people that were disconnected in Monaco were disconnected during qualifying. Bradley Downton took the quick and in the end, wrong decision to restart causing further fury. In the end Ed Greenhalgh won from John Brookfield with Jamie Franklin claiming his second podium in 1 day.

Singapore Table


Qualifying Take 1Edit

Qualifying started but within the first 5 minutes the three who had experienced problems with connections in Monaco had them again. Downton restarted quali asking Jamie Taylor to set up hoping it would cure the problem but Ashley Blakeley could not join. Downton finally said enough was enough and restarted qualifying himself. If any was disconnected, tough.

Qualifying Take 2Edit

Qualifying was wet and tricky. Cars skidded everywhere on then ungrippy surface. Greenhalgh clinched a vital pole from Blakeley and Moody.


The race got underway and Blakeley got a great start, passing Greenhalgh into turn one. Further back Downton has also made a great start, jumping from 8th to 5th. Turn 1 was still slippery form the day before however and Moody misjudged his braking before clattering into his teammate. Greenhalgh drove off into the lead. Downton was also hit off the circuit and Morley hit Moody's spinning Sauber as Taylor was also turned around. Later in the lap Morley and Hancox came together. From there the race settled down. There were good overtakes but also stupid moments. Coming into turn 18 on lap 3 Blakeley lunged up the inside of Downton, causing the latter to not be able to turn in and driving into the wall thus breaking his front wing for the second time in two races. As the race continued more people retired. Towards the end Taylor led from Greenhalgh, Brookfield and Franklin. It rained however and Taylor was caught out after having driven a great race. Greenhalgh took advantage of his full wets to gain 35 seconds on Taylor in the final lap and claimed the victory.

Post RaceEdit

Greenhalgh and Hancox recieved warning's for their collision with Downton in Monaco.

Moody was also warned for tagging his teammate on the first lap.

Downton is still looking for whoever hit him.

As of 22nd August Downton made the decision to ban all further use of disconnection points.


Ben Moody's point of view, first lap and when he crashed:



Pos No Driver Team Time Grid
1 3 Ed Greenhalgh Force Lotus 1:55.435 1
2 9 Ashley Blakeley Saubiams 1:57.138 2
3 6 Ben Moody Saubiams 1:57.370 3
4 7 John Brookfield Rosso Bull 1:58.979 4
5 5 Jamie Franklin Fercedes 1:59.128 5
6 4 Jez Hancox Fercedes 1:59.690 11*
7 8 Jamie Taylor Rosso Bull 2:01.127 6
8 15 Moussa Awada Virspania 2:01.304 7
9 0 Bradley Downton McRenault 2:01.782 8
10 10 Nic Morley Force Lotus 2:05.233 9
11 2 Oli Peacock McRenault 2:05.242 10
  • Hancox was given a 5 place grid penalty by the game.


Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 3 Ed Greenhalgh Fercedes 24 Unknown 1 25
2 7 John Brookfield McRenault 24 Unknown 4 18
3 5 Jamie Franklin Fercedes 24 Unknown 5 15
4 8 Jamie Taylor McRenault 24 Unknown 6 12
5 15 Moussa Awada Virspania ?? Crashed 7 0
6 9 Ashley Blakeley Saubiams ?? Crashed 2 0
7 0 Bradley Downton McRenault 12 Disconnected 8 1
8 4 Jez Hancox Fercedes ?? Crashed 11 0
9 10 Nic Morley Force Lotus ?? Crashed 9 0
10 6 Ben Moody Saubiams 7 Crashed 3 0
11 2 Oli Peacock McRenault 1 Disconnected 10 1

Note: Italics indicate fastest lap, Underline denotes Driver of the Day.

Standings after the raceEdit

Driver's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 Ed Greenhalgh 156
2 John Brookfield 136
3 Oli Peacock 110
4 Jamie Taylor 79
5 Bradley Downton 76

Team's Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 Rosso Bull 230
2 McRenault 188
3 Force Lotus 160
4 Fercedes 149
5 Saubiams 104

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