The season started off fresh in Australia, with 15 of the 16 signed drivers participating. The only absence was Sauber's Luke Pickering, who was involved with a mix-up of flights and failed to get to Australia. The session went well for defending Champions McLaren. They locked out the front row but reigning Champion John Brookfield was beaten to pole by new teammate Moussa Awada. Unfortunately Kaz Armos suffered a disconnection during Qualifying, meaning only 14 cars would take that start, with Ben Moody starting from the back after not setting a time. The start, with a record 14 cars, was anything but clean, Brookfield and Oli Peacock collided from second and third on the grid collectively due to LAG, and this caused chaos behind with at least three other cars getting involved. The most serious being Peacock's teammate Bradley Downton, who was launched into the air over the front of Brookfield's car, but escaped with only a broken front wing. At the front the race continued with Ashley Blakeley getting a great start from 5th to battle Awada for the lead. Further back, Brookfield and Peacock began a fight back through the field, first at the expense of Downton, Nic Morley and Shane Butler, who came together, causing more carnage. The rest of the race revolved around Peacock and Brookfield fighting their way back through the pack, and Awada holding off Ed Greenhalgh and Blakeley at the front to claim his first win of the season, which included fastest lap. Spud Byrne became the season's first retirement after contact, while George Angus retired in a bizarre incident that saw his car stuck in the pit box.