Luxembourg was the week after Hungary, one of only three races held on the same day as a real F1 race, and Championship co-ordinator Bradley Downton was busy on both Friday and Saturday, meaning the race was not as well promoted as normal. This resulted in just 9 regulars turning up, with Jamie Franklin and Téa Kirkham stepping in as Guest Drivers, driving for Lotus and Williams in place of Oli Peacock and Ashley Blakeley who both had prior arrangements. George Angus, Kevin Campos, Alex Tonge and Spud Byrne also missed the race. Qualifying was dry and it was no surprise as Moussa Awada stormed to his fourth pole position, joined on the front row by teammate John Brookfield. The pair were 6 tenths clear of 3rd placed Ben Moody while David Adeoye suffered a disconnection during the first few minutes of the session. The race started wet, and the whole field started on the Intermediate tyres, with the exception of Downton, who started on the Full Wet, banking on more rain. Moody got a fantastic start from 3rd, taking the lead into turn 1, while Awada dropped to second, and Brookfield fell far down the field. Awada struggled to get the Inters to heat up in the first few corner however and fell down the field, while Nic Morley moved into 2nd from 5th, Downton into 3rd from 7th, and Shane Butler into 4th from 8th on the grid. Downton dived down the inside of Morley at the final chicane and took second, but Moody had already gained a 2 second lead by the end of lap 1. On lap 3 Butler and Downton collided while the Irishman tried and overtake, and they took Morley off with them, promoting Ed Greenhalgh to second. The rain got heavier and the whole field, except Downton, pitted for full wets, promoting the Lotus back into second.