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The Formula One Fanatic (F1F) is a non-profit association that is the governing body of the F1F Formula's One, Two and Three World Championships. This is the board that creates the rules. The organisation was founded on the 13th February 2011.


After much controversy in the 1st season of the Junior PS3 Championship bradley1314 put forward the idea to appoint a board of Stewards for the new championship consisting of three drivers who do not race in that championship.

  • The championship will still use the 2010 F1 game for the entire season.
  • After many 1st corner accidents in the junior championship especially any reported incidents anywhere on track will be looked into by the F1F board of stewards. If there is an accident somewhere the driver who is the cause will be given a chance to give the place back. If the place is not given back and the incident reported both drivers views will need to be studied carefully. Once this is done one of any of these penalties can be applied.
Incident Penalty
Small Incident (ie, small spin, not given back) 10 second
Medium Incident (ie, taking another driver off, not given back) 20 second
Large Incident (ie, causing chaos at turn 1) 30 second
Persistent Incident (ie, repeatedly bashing someone, causing incidents) Next race qualifying ban
Ruining someone else's race (ie, repeated bashing, wiping out early on causing loss of car parts) Disqualification from race
3 or more race disqualifications Disqualification from championship

There are also stupid penalties given by the game. Any disqualifications cannot be corrected but any penalties will be looked into and possibly reversed.

In Game Rules

Race Distance 40%
Car Assigment Player Choice (Chosen before championship starts)
Weather Dynamic
Rules and Flags Reduced
Tyre Wear On
Fuel Loads On
Damage On
Car Performance Equal
Collisions Full
Assist Restrictions All Allowed