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The German Grand Prix was the tenth round of the Random Forum Championship Game Season 1.


Free Practice[]

After days of rain in Germany the track was damp as first practice started but soon dried out once the cars started going round. Despite an early adventure off track Jamie Franklin of Lotus topped a very open session in which the top nine spots were filled with nine different teams. Robson put in a fantastic performance in second for Mercedes, though teammate Butler couldn't get the same performance from the upgrades, finishing in 19th place. Franklin's teammate didn't fair much better as Downton ended the session 16th. Among the strong performances was Caterham's Nicholas Sunderland in 8th, showing Caterham can keep up with the development rate, but teammate d'Hazorme was another struggler, down in 22nd. Neither Red Bull could break into the top 10.

Second Pratice yielded even closer results than the first as just 1.5 seconds split the field with the top 19 being within a second of one another. Ingram topped the session from the morning's fastest man Franklin, while his teammate struggled again, only 10th for Downton. Sauber showed strongly in 4th and 5th while Armos was solidly in the top 10 again with 7th. The Mercedes appeared to almost swap places as Butler finished 8th while Robson struggled to 20th place with power issues. Caterham managed 9th and 11th while Red Bull again failed to shine, though Kingshark far outperformed his teammate, 6th to 13th.




FP1 Results (Dry)[]

GER FP1.png

FP2 Results (Dry)[]

GER FP2.png

Qualifying (Wet)[]

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Race Result (Dry)[]

Championship standings after the race[]

S1 Britain RFCG Season 1 S1 Hungary