RFCG Season 2
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This is the second full season of the Random Forum Championship Game.

Teams and DriversEdit

The following teams and drivers competed in the season.

RFCGS2R1Entry List


The Calendar was annouced for Season 2 with the season extending to 22 rounds.



Rule ChangesEdit

System ChangesEdit

  • A new weather system will be implemented that will allow for different temperature ranges during a race as well as changing weather during a race and a difference between light and heavy rain.

Choice ChangesEdit

  • ​Drivers will have a different points allocation to split between the five categories. In the first season drivers had 20 points to distribute between Dry Pace, Wet Pace and Reliability, with boundaries of 2 and 10, and 15 points to distribute between Qualifying Speed and Race Speed, with boundaries of 3 and 10. This season drivers will have 35 points to distribute between all five categories, with Dry Pace, Wet Pace and Reliability having a lower boundary of 2 and no upper boundary, and Qualifying Speed and Race Speed have a lower boundary of 3 and no upper boundary.
  • Drivers also now get to choose 4 tracks rather than 3.
  • With the new weather system comes a new range of tyres. Once sorted into their teams, drivers will have to agree on a tyre type to use throughout the year. Each tyre will have a certain advantage in different conditions, the tyres and their advantages for the season are:
    • Firestone - Strong in Hot Dry Weather Conditions.
    • Pirelli - Strong in Cold Dry Weather Conditions.
    • Goodyear - Strong in Intermediate Wet Weather Conditions.
    • Bridgestone - Strong in Wet Weather Conditions.
  • As there is a high chance that one of either Pirelli and Firestone will be stronger in more races, they shall be evenly split. Any conditions in a hidden middle bracket shall not be counted and the two types shall be strong in an equal amount of race (ie, 5 or 6). Wet tyres will be more of a gamble as these will purely be down to the luck of the weather draw.     

Race SummariesEdit


The first test of the season took place on the 7th February at Jerez in warm and dry conditions.

Round 1 - AustraliaEdit

Round 2 - SingaporeEdit

Round 3 - MalaysiaEdit

Round 4 - ChinaEdit

Round 5 - RussiaEdit

Round 6 - HungaryEdit

Round 7 - ItalyEdit

Round 8 - MonacoEdit

Round 9 - SpainEdit

Round 10 - PortugalEdit

Round 11 - BrazilEdit

Round 12 - MexicoEdit

Round 13 - AmericaEdit

Round 14 - CanadaEdit

Round 15 - BritainEdit

Round 16 - BelgiumEdit

Round 17 - HollandEdit

Round 18 - GermanyEdit

Round 19 - JapanEdit

Round 20 - KoreaEdit

Round 21 - IndiaEdit

Round 22 - Abu DhabiEdit

Results and StandingsEdit

Grands PrixEdit

Russia GP

Drivers StandingsEdit

Russia DR

Constructors StandingsEdit

Russia CO