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RFCG Season 2
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This is the second full season of the Random Forum Championship Game.

Teams and Drivers[]

The following teams and drivers competed in the season.

RFCGS2R1Entry List.png


The Calendar was annouced for Season 2 with the season extending to 22 rounds.



Rule Changes[]

System Changes[]

  • A new weather system will be implemented that will allow for different temperature ranges during a race as well as changing weather during a race and a difference between light and heavy rain.

Choice Changes[]

  • ​Drivers will have a different points allocation to split between the five categories. In the first season drivers had 20 points to distribute between Dry Pace, Wet Pace and Reliability, with boundaries of 2 and 10, and 15 points to distribute between Qualifying Speed and Race Speed, with boundaries of 3 and 10. This season drivers will have 35 points to distribute between all five categories, with Dry Pace, Wet Pace and Reliability having a lower boundary of 2 and no upper boundary, and Qualifying Speed and Race Speed have a lower boundary of 3 and no upper boundary.
  • Drivers also now get to choose 4 tracks rather than 3.
  • With the new weather system comes a new range of tyres. Once sorted into their teams, drivers will have to agree on a tyre type to use throughout the year. Each tyre will have a certain advantage in different conditions, the tyres and their advantages for the season are:
    • Firestone - Strong in Hot Dry Weather Conditions.
    • Pirelli - Strong in Cold Dry Weather Conditions.
    • Goodyear - Strong in Intermediate Wet Weather Conditions.
    • Bridgestone - Strong in Wet Weather Conditions.
  • As there is a high chance that one of either Pirelli and Firestone will be stronger in more races, they shall be evenly split. Any conditions in a hidden middle bracket shall not be counted and the two types shall be strong in an equal amount of race (ie, 5 or 6). Wet tyres will be more of a gamble as these will purely be down to the luck of the weather draw.     

Race Summaries[]


The first test of the season took place on the 7th February at Jerez in warm and dry conditions.

Round 1 - Australia[]

Round 2 - Singapore[]

Round 3 - Malaysia[]

Round 4 - China[]

Round 5 - Russia[]

Round 6 - Hungary[]

Round 7 - Italy[]

Round 8 - Monaco[]

Round 9 - Spain[]

Round 10 - Portugal[]

Round 11 - Brazil[]

Round 12 - Mexico[]

Round 13 - America[]

Round 14 - Canada[]

Round 15 - Britain[]

Round 16 - Belgium[]

Round 17 - Holland[]

Round 18 - Germany[]

Round 19 - Japan[]

Round 20 - Korea[]

Round 21 - India[]

Round 22 - Abu Dhabi[]

Results and Standings[]

Grands Prix[]

Russia GP.jpg

Drivers Standings[]

Russia DR.jpg

Constructors Standings[]

Russia CO.jpg